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Making a photo theme.

Updated: Jul 10, 2019

What happens when you find the perfect picture for your home but decide you'd like to have additional ones to go with it to make a theme? As a photographer, it's a good idea to take multiple photos in the same area to capture similar images. As a buyer, you may only see individual photos on a website or social media page, but chances are, the photographer has other photos which could very well match the one that you've chosen. Don't be afraid to ask the photographer if there is something in his/her collection that will match your favourite one. If they don't have one, they could possibly make arrangements to go on another photo adventure and find you a perfect match. The other option is also to have the photo you chose, flipped to be a mirrored image of the original.

This has just happened to me recently. A customer purchased the first photo in canvas and then asked if I had one similar that he could purchase to make a matching set. I reviewed the photos I had taken in the same area (Elora, ON) and was able to provide him with samples to choose from. Never be afraid to ask! See below.

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