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In The Distance

Continuing with my theme of water, I had the pleasure of strolling along the lakeshore in Burlington at Spencer Smith Park and managed to get some beautiful photos of the bright blue sky, the pier in the distance and the lake of glass. The water was so still and mirrored the sky. There's something magical about being near the water, hearing the splashing of water as it hits the barrier, listening to the birds as they fly about, watching those avid water enthusiasts enjoying their plight of kayaking, canoeing, swimming or wading their feet a few inches in to cool off.

I am so fortunate to live in a part of Ontario that is surrounded by lakes. Lake Ontario and Lake Erie are just short jaunts away. I look forward to my visits to the shores and take in all the splendour of the scenery. Whether alone or with a friend or loved one, take time to enjoy the view. :)

This is the Burlington Pier along the lakeshore at Spencer Smith Park in Burlington.
54 - Crisscross

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