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Always rushing.

Since my last post, Covid-19 has invaded all aspects of our world. Getting out and enjoying time with family and friends, going for a walk in our local neighbourhood, taking that much needed vacation and even trying to buy groceries has become a thing that we appreciate that much more. Having the simple things in life taken away from us has given us time to reflect on what's important, has built stronger bonds with those closest to us, tested our patience, and taught us how we can survive without all the things we thought we needed. In a world that is always rushing from here to there, always complaining of so little time to get things done and getting to that much needed destination in a hurry, we've learned to slow down and see things from a different perspective. I have recently had the opportunity to get out and see the north country of Ontario to places I've never been. I appreciate more than ever, the beauty this land has to offer and the sights we are blessed to see. Rushing is a thing of the past for me.

295 - Rushing Water

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