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A Tree For All Seasons

One of my favourite things to photograph are trees. The texture, abundance of leaves or lack thereof, the season, the weather, all play a part in how the tree will look in your photograph. The plainest of trees could be mildly interesting in a photo but add some interesting elements like snow or ice and the photo comes alive to tell a story.

This tree caught my eye on a recent venture out in the town of Ancaster, ON. There's a lovely little park and museum where this tree just called out to me. It looked very majestic with the fanning out of branches covered with snow. Pretty as a picture and giant in size compared to the little shed to its right.

Take a walk on some trails near you. Watch how they bloom and blossom with leaves in early spring after a long winter's nap. I have photographed some of the same trees in different season. Each photo creates a different mood. Experiment with the light and see what your photo says to you!

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